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Snapt Open Source Tools Portfolio Looks To UK ARM Community

South African development company Snapt has launched its open source tools in the UK and is keen to attract the attention of the ARM based community.

Snapt has initially launchedSnapt ADC - a powerful application delivery controller including Snapt’s load balancer and web accelerator, designed to enable corporations to get the maximum throughput, reliability and visibility from their server farms and web sites. 

"Open source applications being run on ARM technology is a huge growth area, and one we are most interested in. Snapt supports both Linux and FreeBSD, which also has great support for ARM architecture,” commented Dave Blakey, CEO of Snapt.

Snapt Balancer is a powerful, customisable layer 7 load balancer that turns the already robust HAProxy Load Balancer into a feature-rich and easy-to-use solution. It enables corporates to share the load of SQL, SMTP, HTTP, or any TCP traffic across any number of servers, and can be easily expanded with weights, maximum limits and several balancing methods.

Snapt Balancer gives users access to features such as advanced reporting, control over the config file and status alerts that improve overall use of the HAProxy load balancer, as well as introducing full redundancy and SSL offloading/termination, and layer 7 support. The software comes complete with on-going technical support, in order to ensure long-term efficacy.

Snapt Web Accelerator allows corporate IT Departments to cache static content, protect against denial of service attacks, limit server abuse, manage data throughput and terminate and optimize SSL traffic.

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