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Carbon & Arteris Simplify SoC Optimization

Carbon Design Systems and Arteris have announced the first release of a Carbon Performance Analysis Kit (CPAK) that features an Arteris network-on-chip (NoC) interconnect.

The CPAK is available for immediate download on the Carbon IP Exchange web portal here and executes in Carbon’s SoCDesigner Plus virtual prototype environment.

The CPAK contains multiple elements to enhance designer productivity. In addition to a 100% accurate model of the Arteris FlexNoC interconnect, the CPAK also contains accurate models of the ARM Cortex-A9 processor and ARM PL310 L2 cache controller. Multiple traffic generators configured as both producers and consumers are also included to drive and receive AXI traffic.

The performance analysis kit comes complete with software to configure the components and execute system stress tests. A ported version of EEMBC’s CoreMark benchmark is also included to further exercise the system. The CPAK can be used immediately after download for architectural exploration or firmware development. Designers can also easily customize any of the supplied components to meet the specifications of their own system on chip (SoC) design.

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