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Greenliant Systems Joins ARM Connected Community

Greenliant Systems, a leader in energy-efficient, solid state storage products, is a new member in the ARM Connected Community, the industry’s largest ecosystem of ARM technology-based products and services.

As part of the ARM Connected Community, Greenliant gains access to a full range of resources to help it market and deploy innovative solutions that will enable developers to get their ARM Powered products to market faster.

Membership in the ARM Connected Community underscores Greenliant’s commitment to providing ball grid array (BGA) solid state drives (SSDs) that are compatible with ARM-based designs. NANDrive(TM) embedded SSDs combine Greenliant’s industry leading NAND controllers and a wide range of NAND flash capacities–from 512 MByte to 64 GByte–in multi-chip packages. NANDrive uses industry-standard interfaces (SATA, PATA, e.MMC) and is offered in commercial (0 to +70 degrees Celsius) and industrial (-40 to +85 degrees Celsius) temperatures.

“We see a continuing proliferation of ARM-based platforms in automotive, industrial and networking applications, many of which require reliable data storage such as NANDrive embedded SSDs,” said Arthur Kroyan, vice president, business development and marketing, Greenliant Systems. “Greenliant’s membership in the ARM Connected Community reinforces our shared focus of bringing low power, small form-factor embedded solutions to customers.”
The ARM Connected Community is a global network of companies aligned to provide a complete solution, from design to manufacture and end use, for products based on the ARM architecture. ARM offers a variety of resources to Community members, including promotional programs and peer-networking opportunities that enable a variety of ARM Partners to come together to provide end-to-end customer solutions. Visitors to the ARM Connected Community have the ability to contact members directly through the website.

“The Connected Community is all about companies working together to provide the most complete solutions in the shortest possible time. By joining the Community, which now comprises more than 950 companies, Greenliant increases the large portfolio of skills, products and services that are centered around the ARM architecture, and currently available to developers worldwide,” said Lori Kate Smith, senior manager, community programs, ARM.

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